Kid Tips

Photo sessions should be fun! Feel free to goof around and have a good time! We will take our time so your family can get used to being in front of the camera. Parents, your job is to relax and stay positive! Think post session bribery snacks, funny noises, tickles, and don’t forget… lots of hugs & kisses!

Prepare kids for session
Prepare your kids as much as you can before the session. Make sure kids know that this will be fun! No threats, as they usually bring about tears and added stress. Make sure they are rested and not hungry. From experience those are the two things that bring on meltdowns the fastest.

Try not to get frustrated if your child(ren) are not behaving. Your negative attitude will reflect on your children. We want to avoid tears and encourage natural smiles! Over time and the more your children get used to having their portraits taken, photo sessions go smoother.

Messy Kids
Make sure faces are clean before and during session. Many candies and snacks are messy and will dye your children’s mouth and clothes. It is best to give these types of snacks after the session is finished. Remember to wash off stamps and temporary tattoos. Runny nose? Bring baby wipes or Kleenex.

Session timing
For best lighting portrait sessions are shot right after sunrise or right before sunset. The time frame of this will depend upon the season and location. If your children aren’t accustomed to staying up until sunset, please adjust their naps as best you can, and be rest assured that one night of staying up past their bedtime will be just fine.

Parents, relax & SMILE!
Try not to worry about how your children are behaving. Let me grab their attention. This will eliminate me having to edit out a great picture of your child because a parent has an unflattering expression.

Help me get great natural expressions!
Don’t tell your children to smile, be good, or say cheese. If I’m snapping away, I’m just trying to loosen them up. Hugs, kisses, and loving words encourage beautiful expressions. Natural expressions are better than forced smiles. Play with your kids & remember, have fun!

Feel free to bring along a favorite toy to encourage smiles and help them relax.

1 on 1
I may take your child off to the side for some one on one photo time. Some children relate better without an audience.

Bathroom Breaks
Please make sure your children go to the bathroom before leaving, as well as limiting their liquid intake beforehand. This allows us uninterrupted shooting time!

Dress for the weather. Cold or overheated kids are cranky.

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